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Our Clients

Over the years, Psychtests has had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of people and companies worldwide. Our services have been used by HR managers and business owners for pre-employment testing, employee development, and employee training. From licensing our existing products to developing new, highly specialized, and customized assessments, Psychtests offers a variety of solutions to help companies fulfill their business and marketing needs.

Psychtests has also worked with several internet and print publishers to provide entertaining and enlightening tests to consumers in 4 different languages. From Cosmopolitan magazine, to MSN Health and Psychology Today, our assessments have informed and engaged millions of people.

Recently, Psychtests has provided its expertise to the field of sports psychology. Since 2007, Psychtests is the official psychological assessment provider to the Major League Baseball Scouting Bureau. Psychtests' proprietary BASE assessment has helped scouts in the drafting and development process of promising baseball players.

Psychtests continues to branch out and provide insightful, engaging, and instrumental assessments to different fields and media. We are dedicated to developing assessments of the utmost quality, and offering our expertise to diverse individuals and industries.

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