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Overview of Products and Offerings
ARCH Profile - The Ultimate Assessment Solution

ARCH Profile provides a comprehensive battery of highly accurate and relevant assessments measuring a broad range of traits and characteristics - from Management Style to Emotional IQ, and more. As an HR professional you can use this tool to identify potential employees with untapped potential. Therapists have found ARCH to be a valuable asset in the assessment of new and existing clients as well as a useful aid for helping clients gain important self-knowledge. Regardless of your profession, ARCH Profile provides you with an indispensable and cost-efficient solution for your testing needs.

Test Licensing

Psychological tests have emerged as a powerful tool in today's internet environment as well as the workplace. Due to their flexible nature they are being used for a wide range of purposes. Whether you're looking for content for a website, tests for HR applications, or psychological assessment tools for therapy, we have the tests and other interactive tools to make your job easier.

Test Development

Are you looking for a test that is not presently available on our site? Whether you need a professional assessment tool or entertaining content, our development team will collaborate with you to create an insightful, top-quality test. Psychtests is at the forefront of online testing with over 10 years of experience - and more than 300 tests to attest to the quality of our work.

Academic Testing

Psychtests' team has a strong academic background and extensive experience in scientific methodology. Research plays an essential role in the development of Psychtests' tests and we want to give back to the scientific community that shaped our philosophy. As a symbol of our respect for the important work taking place in academia, we make our battery of tests available for use in teaching and research.

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