SPPP (Salesperson Personality Profile - R2) - Sample Report

Report for: Mary Smith
Completion: January 25, 2011 at 10:46 am

detailed results
strengths & limitations
Although there are different traits that make up a good salesperson, those who are most successful in this field tend to possess a particular set of traits and skills. Included in the results section is information about the overall match of Mary's abilities and characteristics with those necessary for a career in sales, her results on each of the subscales, her strengths and limitations, and some helpful advice on how to increase her potential for success in this field.

Mary's sales style is: The Pioneer
Pioneers not only have a knack for finding new prospects, but they also put the effort into building strong relationships with them. Whether it's cold or warm selling (finding new business customers vs. finding business opportunities with existing customers), this type can adapt easily to both situations. Pioneers have keen networking skills, and a strong desire to succeed as well as fulfill their customer's needs. As such, not only are they good at finding customers, they're also skilled at keeping them.

Mary's sales approach is: The Chameleon
When it comes to selling, Chameleons can easily adapt their approach to any situation. They are always well-prepared for every sale; not only do they know all the facts and details, but they somehow manage to have an answer ready for every objection a client may throw at them. And when they don't, they improvise. Even though they could recite everything they know about a product or service by heart, Chameleons have a knack for making the sales process look natural.

Overall results
Soft Skills
Success Orientation
Mental Toughness
Organizational Skills
Sales Ability

According to her test results, Mary has what it takes to make it in the field of sales. Many of the characteristics and skills she possesses match those needed in this field - she has a good chance of surviving in the dog-eat-dog world of high-level sales. More importantly, with her personality and aptitudes, getting to the top is actually an attainable goal. If she already has a career in sales, she may have found her calling. If she doesn't, and she is wondering what to do with her life, this could be it!
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