Athletic Assessments - Psychological Testing for Human Resources departments, employee screening and training, counseling or therapy, and academic research.
Athletic Assessments

A rising star on the athletic scene, the Psychtests' specialized assessments measure the extent to which individuals possess the desirable mental characteristics to achieve success in a variety of athletic endeavors. Psychtests, in partnership with Athletic Assessments has recently been selected by the Major League Baseball Scouting Bureau to provide psychological assessments for 1,000+ high school and college players prior to the annual June draft by MLB's 30 teams.

These assessments provide scouting and recruiting personnel, managers and coaches, sports psychologists, management decision-makers and the athletes themselves with scientifically validated, detailed information about their abilities and potential for success in their chosen athletic field. Test reports are generated in real time and provide a graphical summary of results, detailed narrative analysis, list of strengths and challenges, and tips on how to use the mind to maximize performance.

Assessments offered to athletes and sports organizations include:

  • Athlete Success Evaluation (Individual Sports)
  • Athlete Success Evaluation (Team Sports)
  • Baseball Athlete Success Evaluation
  • Football Athlete Success Evaluation
  • Soccer Athlete Success Evaluation
  • Hockey Athlete Success Evaluation
  • College Athlete Success Evaluation (Individual Sports)
  • College Athlete Success Evaluation (Team Sports)
  • Concentration Test - For Golfers
  • Success Likelihood Test - For Golfers

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