Coaching and Consulting - Psychological Testing for Human Resources departments, employee screening and training, counseling or therapy, and academic research.
Consulting and Coaching

The popularity of management consultants and life coaches is rising, and so is their need for objective assessments tools that can help them diagnose the problem, make suggestions about possible solutions, and once implemented, evaluate the efficacy of the intervention.

Whether you're a life coach looking to evaluate a particular client's emotional needs or a management consultant who requires reliable and scientifically validated testing with a proven track record, our testing services will provide your business with the competitive edge required to succeed in your chosen business arena.

Our assessment services are made available as part of a complete online testing center featuring an intuitive multi-capability interface that enables you to manage your client testing needs with unprecedented ease and efficiency. Furthermore, our services are fully customizable. You can have access to as many tests as you want, and the appearance and style of the assessments can also be artfully integrated into your website, creating a seamless experience for you and your clients.

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    ARCH Profile is affordably priced to provide consultants and life coaches with an optimal solution for their assessment needs.

    Your private installation of ARCH Profile, including database set-up, installation of the test battery and scoring engines is covered by a one-time activation fee. Tests are priced individually and charged on a per use basis. For clients with high volume testing needs, discounts are available.

    For more details on pricing please consult our test catalog.

    For more information on full integration of our tests into your website, please contact us

    All of the tests offered on ARCH Profile are rigorously developed and based on a thorough statistical analysis. Each test is well researched and designed according to the APA (American Psychological Association) standards for educational and psychological testing.

    We conduct extensive validation studies and run a number of statistical analyses that help us determine the reliability and validity of the assessments. Results of these studies are reported in statistical reports available to our clients.

    Please visit our science and validity page for more information on how we validate our tests.

    All information pertaining to clients gathered on Psychtests and ARCH Profile is secure and protected using widely accepted industry standards.

    Your personal information is carefully guarded and will not be sold, rented or otherwise transferred to any third party.

    Information that is relevant to clients, such as test results and other data are accessible only with a password and log in name. Users should keep passwords confidential as they would any other personal information.

    ARCH Profile provides clients with an intuitive, simple, and flexible interface enabling users to assign, retrieve and organize tests with ease. All of ARCH Profile's applications occur in "real time" and results are generated instantaneously.

    To fully appreciate the potential value of ARCH Profile we recommend you take a test drive. Seeing is believing! For a free demo, please click here.

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