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Good job fit is key to great performance. Psychological assessments can help your organization to optimize the entire spectrum of HR processes, from finding the right candidate to fill a position to identifying gaps and focusing training efforts on areas that need development. Our tests can also be used to assess the effectiveness of training and workshops by doing a pre and post-test of each employee.

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PsychTests offers a wide variety of assessments to their HR clients. There are several categories of tests

  1. Job fit tests are based on typical competency models for specific positions. Examples: Management skills, sales personality, customer service skills, caregiver personality
  2. Personality tests offer insight into a test-takers' natural behavioral style and personality. Examples: Big Five personality test, work style, career motivation, team roles.
  3. Intelligence tests will evaluate specific skills and aptitudes to identify strengths or training needs. Examples: Intelligence types/learning styles, analytical reasoning, logic, spatial intelligence, general intelligence.
  4. Transferable skills tests offer insight about many different work skills. Examples: Emotional intelligence, creative problem solving, negotiation skills, organization skills, time management, communication skills

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All of our tests are administered online through a system called ARCH Profile. It provides clients with an intuitive, simple, and flexible interface enabling users to create test-taker accounts, assign tests, and obtain and organize results with ease. Test results are generated instantaneously.

Tests can be administered remotely (test-taker completes the assessment from home) or in a proctored setting (test-takers complete the assessments in a controlled environment and under supervision).

To fully appreciate the potential value of ARCH Profile we recommend you take a test drive. For a free demo, please click here.

All of the tests offered on ARCH Profile are rigorously developed and based on a thorough statistical analysis. Each test is well researched and designed according to the APA (American Psychological Association) standards for educational and psychological testing.

We conduct extensive validation studies and run a number of statistical analyses that help us determine the reliability and validity of the assessments. Results of these studies are reported in statistical reports available to our clients.

Please visit our science and validity page for more information on how we validate our tests.

PsychTests offers several types of benchmarks to clients who opt for the benchmarking module in ARCH Profile. A benchmarking report will show an individual's set of scores compared to up to 3 sets of benchmarks (see below). In addition, a match score is calculated for each factor assessed on the test, and an overall match is also calculated based on importance ratings for specific skills or traits.

  1. General population benchmarks are based on unfiltered data gathered during the validation of the test.
  2. Industry benchmarks based on data gathered from a sample of people currently in a specific position or industry.
  3. Custom benchmarks can be set up for your company as cut-off points for a particular position. They can be based on benchmarks set by your existing workforce, or ideal scores as determined by job analysis.

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All of our tests are administered online through a system called ARCH Profile. It provides clients with an intuitive, simple, and flexible interface enabling users to create test taker accounts, assign tests, and obtain and organize results with ease. Test results are generated instantaneously.

In addition to the narrative test reports written in easy-to-understand, plain language, PsychTests offers debriefing and coaching sessions via phone or face-to-face.

Our highly trained psychologists will discuss each individual's test results with the participant, enhance the insight by making connections with the person's real-life experiences, and make suggestions for further development.

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Train the trainers workshops are also available to prepare your internal or external trainers for debriefing or coaching sessions. These workshops are typically done on-site but can also be delivered over the phone.

PsychTests' train-the-trainers workshops will offer a custom-tailored combination of theoretical background and hands-on experience, with focus on practical tips and down-to-earth advice.

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All of the information pertaining to clients that is gathered on PsychTests and ARCH Profile is secure and protected using widely accepted industry standards. .

Any personally identifiable information is kept strictly confidential. All such information is carefully guarded and will not be sold, rented or otherwise transferred to any third party.

Test-taker information, such as test results, contact information and demographic data, is accessible only to authorized personnel and administrators who are authenticated by a username and password.

For more information, consult our privacy policy or contact us with any additional questions or concerns.

Practical enough for large corporations, and priced to cater to small businesses, ARCH Profile helps you make the most of your human capital.

There is a $140 one time set up fee. Tests are priced individually and charged on a per use basis. For clients with high volume testing needs, discounts are also available.

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Pre-employment Assessments

Their résumés look cookie-cutter and so do their responses to your interview question. Their interviewing skills are impeccable—they know everything the job requires, they are team players who also enjoy working solo, and their only weaknesses are perfectionism and a tendency to work too darn hard. Today's job seekers have learned all the right things to say in order to impress a potential employer. So how do you penetrate the shield of job interviewing skills to really pick the right person for the job? One of the best ways to get a clearer picture about a candidate's personality, values and attitudes is a personality test.

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PsychTests' collection of professionally developed personality, career, IQ, attitude, and aptitude assessments can ensure a good job fit for your employees. If the gap between the job requirements and an employee's true nature is too wide, he has to adjust his behavioral style in order to adapt. Doing so on occasion is fine, but "putting on an act" all the time is exhausting, frustrating and discouraging. Employees whose attitudes and work style fit the company enjoy coming to work, are more likely to be engaged, creative, innovative and loyal, and will want to contribute 100% effort because their job is fulfilling and satisfying. It is an extension of who
they are.

Hiring mistakes can be costly, both in terms of resources and team morale, so it's important to get it right the first time around. Here is what PsychTests can do for you:

  • Optimize screening of job candidates. Identify which candidates you should interview and filter out those who are a poor fit for the job or for the organization. The result? Fewer interviews mean lower costs and more time spent with qualified candidates
  • Add objective data points for selection. Objective assessments complement information obtained from résumés and interviews and give a more complete picture of who the potential hires are and how they would fit into your work environment. The result? More objective
    hiring decisions.
  • Gain insight about the person's true nature. Assessments can reveal certain issues that are easy to miss in an interview and pinpoint potential problems. Our tests offer a list of suggested interview questions to help you probe deeper and evaluate your "hunches". The result? More informed hiring decisions.
  • Compare the candidate's profile to your top performers. Using industry or custom benchmarks, our reports can show you how a candidate compares to star employees you wish you could clone. The result? Increased likelihood of hitting the employee jackpot rather than getting another "dime a dozen" type.
  • Get tests that are relevant to the job. Personality profiles can be great to obtain an over-arching view of a candidate's character, but what if you want to assess skills or traits that are job specific? Rather than throw together a bunch of generic traits and call it a "job fit assessment", our tests are custom-made for particular positions, whether you're looking for a manager, salesperson, office administrator, or other professional. Each test is rigorously researched and includes unique and specialized traits and skills that are key to each job position.


So you have hired the best candidate you could find, and now is time for action. The onboarding process is crucial to the future success of new employees. Starting on the right foot gives your company the best chance to get new hires excited about the organization and their job, get them engaged, ensure they have the tools to do their job well, and set the stage for outstanding performance.

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  • Focus on-the-job training and coaching on areas that need development. Nobody is perfect, and while effective recruitment processes augment the likelihood of hiring someone with the best set of skills, personality traits and attitudes, most people will still experience certain challenges. Take advantage of insight from psychological assessments to address these issues!
  • Use insight from tests to manage employees effectively. Knowing what makes people tick enables a manager to adjust his or her style and approach. For instance, when explaining an assignment, one employee might understand better if you explain the goal in a business context before going into details (top to bottom approach); another employee may prefer to go through the specifications step by step and look at some examples before grasping the purpose (bottom to top approach). Some people like to brainstorm and talk through problems that need to be solved; others prefer to have a little bit of thinking time before engaging in a brainstorming session. These minor accommodations for personal style can go a long way to increasing employee satisfaction and boost productivity.
  • Tailor job functions to the new hire's strengths and preferences. Many positions have a little bit of leeway in terms of job description, tasks or project roles that are assigned to the person. This is especially true if there are several people with essentially the same job, but assignments are distributed in such a way that employees can, within limit, choose tasks they are good at or which they like. Some positions where employees are required to wear multiple hats can be custom designed according to the strengths and preferences of each person. Such an approach has many advantages - employees have a certain amount of freedom, which gives them a sense of empowerment and promotes engagement, initiative and job satisfaction; the company puts the person's best assets to work, which in turn improves productivity, quality and efficiency.
  • Facilitate integration into existing teams. Understanding a newcomer's personality, behavioral and communication style can help on many levels when it comes to integration into a team. In ideal team situations, each member fulfills and specific role. When hiring a candidate to add to the team, it is essential to determine whether the individual's personality and skills fit into the team dynamics. You may not need two devil's advocates, two leaders, or two project planners, but what if you're lacking in a good brainstormer, or need someone whose energy and excitement will revitalize the group? Hiring new team members with a clear understanding of their personality and style can facilitate their integration into your existing team. Not only does this promote a sense of familiarity and camaraderie, it also significantly improves communication, productivity and efficiency.
  • Prevent future performance issues by addressing potential problems before they start. You can use the insight gained from a test report to nip problems in the bud—and do it so smoothly and with such diplomacy that the employee won't even notice. For example, if you are concerned that the extrovert you hired might turn into a chatterbox and socialize with coworkers too much, you can address the issue in general terms during orientation. For example, you can explain the company policy with respect to breaks, and ensure ample social contact for your extroverted candidate by assigning him/her projects that require teamwork.

Career development and personal growth

Did you know that for more than 70% of people, learning new things on the job is one of the main motivators? In addition, our studies show that learning on the job is the primary motivator for 25% of employees! These numbers underline the need for career development efforts in organizations, be it structured formal training to upgrade specific skills, or informal opportunities, such as allocation of a certain number of hours to personal "study time". But that's not all. In addition to the motivational power of learning on the job, studies show that the return on investment for companies is staggering ... from 300% to a whopping 1500%. Imagine the impact on your organization's bottom line!

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  • Use assessments as a learning and personal development tool. Taking psychological assessments and reading through their customized report can be quite an eye-opening experience for employees. In addition to promoting introspection, assessments offer an objective comparison with peers and the results can identify a person's strengths and challenges/development areas that need some work. Emotional intelligence, for instance, is a hot topic and EQ training is now being offered to managers and sales people by many Fortune 500 companies.
  • Offer tests for personal development as part of an employee benefit program. This low-cost solution can make a big difference in a person's personal and work life. Offering employees free and confidential access to assessment on topics such as communication and social skills, conflict management, coping strategies, assertiveness or learning styles will positively impact their behavior at work, and will have the added benefit of spilling over into their personal life.
  • Assess your workforce to identify trends and gaps in skills or knowledge. A company-wide assessment may reveal issues that would otherwise go unnoticed. For instance, your organization can monitor risk of burnout or stress level in employees, and implement preventive measures before the problem gets out of hand. A systematic assessment of your team can help identify gaps in knowledge or attitudinal issues that can be then addressed in focused training.
  • Offer custom-tailored learning opportunities. Use PsychTests to identify which areas and skills need development and offer internal or external programs to address those gaps. Internal training programs might be the most cost-effective way to go for larger companies, while small companies can get creative with low-cost solutions, from continuing education classes available at most universities to webinars, workshops, and seminars offered by third parties.
  • Assess effectiveness of training. Make sure you are getting the most for your training buck by looking at the difference it makes on employee skills or attitudes. By comparing pre and post-training scores on specific tests, you can ensure the quality of your training, identify areas where training is effective, and pinpoint issues that were not adequately addressed.

Talent retention and turnover reduction

It's hard to find top talent; it's even harder to keep it. Studies show that the percentage of employees who are actively considering other opportunities is the highest among the top performers—70% expect to leave the company within 2 years! Clearly, the risk of losing talented top performers is high.

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  • Ensure the right job fit. Poor job fit is a real hindrance in terms of performance and job satisfaction. Employees who do what they love and love what they do will bring plenty of enthusiasm, loyalty, initiative and creativity to work. They are also the least likely to leave the company, even if someone else promises them greener pastures. Ensuring the right job fit is one of the most effective things you can do to reduce turnover rates.
  • Keep them challenged and interested. Learning, skill augmentation, new responsibilities, growth opportunities ... these are perks that many employees appreciate and value. PsychTests' reports will provide you with the necessary insight into each individual's motivators, so that you can offer them the right incentives.
  • Develop leadership and management skills of those in charge. Most people who have been on the job market for a while will likely have at least one "boss from hell" story. Working under the supervision of a rude, ungracious, finicky, egocentric and territorial supervisor is a major incentive to leave the company, even if you love the job and the organization itself. Yet, many companies promote the most technically competent people into a position of power, without giving a second thought to the person's soft skills. Simply hoping that it will work out somehow is unwise, because it almost never does. PsychTests can help you evaluate whether an employee has the traits and skills required to lead others, and if certain issues need some work, our advice will assist you in devising a plan of action.
  • Promote from within. Assessing current employees to identify who has management potential can help you chart a career development path for current employees and promote from within. This approach will not only help you keep people who might otherwise leave, it will also improve the moral of other employees as you send the message to all workers that their hard work and dedication does indeed pay off. The result is a lower turnover rate and less money spent on recruiting, hiring, onboarding and training.
  • Estimate the probability of turnover for various positions. Some companies that have lots to offer and take active steps to reduce turnover are able to achieve very low rates, but even the best of them rarely go below 5%. Others have a turnover rate in excess of 100%. Whatever the actual rate in your organization, being able to estimate how many positions will need to be filled in the next year or so will have a significant impact on your HR planning process. PsychTests' assessments can help you monitor this issue, in addition to spotting job-hoppers before you hire them.

Succession planning and talent pool management

People come, people go but the show must go on. If an effective succession plan is implemented and internal talent is nurtured and developed in time to fill key roles in the organization, transition periods can be minimized, and the show will go on without having to take an intermission.

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  • Identify employees with leadership potential and promote from within. Recruiting future leaders from within has many advantages, from their familiarity with the company's functioning, which eliminates the need for onboarding, to improvement of morale in the team, as they see that possibilities of advancement are realistic. PsychTests will help you spot those with leadership aspirations and aptitudes, suggest which of their skills need development and assist you in preparing them for their new role.
  • Create the model employee of the future—today. It's always hard to lose a veteran employee. They know the inner workings of the company like they know their shadow; they take initiative, take charge, and can be depended upon to go above and beyond the call of duty. Even clients, colleagues, and suppliers become so familiar with their approach and style that they refuse to work with anyone else! Why not use your star veteran as a blueprint for future employees who will take over his/her position? By determining the skills and traits needed to effectively fill some big shoes and using them as a benchmark for others to live up to, position transitions will go much smoother. And if you start assessing your younger employees now in order to find the best replacement, your veteran employee can help develop their weak areas and nurture their strengths.
  • Focus training efforts on areas that the person needs to develop. Training is one of the things your organization can do to improve job satisfaction of employees and actually get an amazing return on investment in the short as well as long term. Whether the training is formal or informal, the analyses you will get from PsychTests' reports will identify the areas that need development so that you can focus your training on the most relevant issues with the highest payoff in terms of performance.
  • Identify employees who are ready to move up or across. People change, grow, and learn new things, to the point where, after some time, they might outgrow their role. Some want to move up, either to a leadership position or to one with more responsibility and bigger challenges. Others prefer to move laterally, rotating tasks with colleagues. In either case, it is in the best interest of your organization to recognize when people are longing for change and satisfy this need by revamping their role or offering them a new one. PsychTests offers assessments that can detect career advancement readiness, and point out the right direction.
  • Find the right outside talent to replace departing leaders. Promoting from within has many advantages, but sometimes the circumstances call for new blood, fresh ideas or an expertise level that current employees don't have. PsychTests has a solution for that too! Use our multi-rater Job Analysis Matrix (JAM) to identify the exact qualities that are required and then assess job candidates to find the best match.
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