Resellers - Psychological Testing for Human Resources departments, employee screening and training, counseling or therapy, and academic research.

Arch Profile is a state-of-the-art HR assessment delivery system with more than fifty ready-to-use personality tests for:

  • Evaluation of job candidates (job-fit tests) during the recruitment process
  • Development of a company's workforce (leadership development, team building, career development)
  • Optimization of workplace environment
  • Improving productivity and efficiency

We are partnering with professionals in the HR consulting industry to bring this great tool to a wider market.


All of the tests offered on ARCH Profile are rigorously developed and based on a thorough statistical analysis. Each test is well researched and designed according to the APA (American Psychological Association) standards for educational and psychological testing.

We conduct extensive validation studies and run a number of statistical analyses that help us determine the reliability and validity of the assessments. Results of these studies are reported in statistical reports available to our clients.

Please visit our science and validity page for more information on how we validate our tests.

All of the information pertaining to clients that is gathered on Psychtests and ARCH Profile is secure and protected using widely accepted industry standards.

Your personal information is carefully guarded and will not be sold, rented or otherwise transferred to any third party. Information that is relevant to clients, such as test results and other data are accessible only with a password and log in name.

Users should keep passwords confidential as they would any other personal information.

All of our tests are administered online through a system called ARCH Profile. It provides clients with an intuitive, simple, and flexible interface enabling users to create test taker accounts, assign tests, and obtain and organize results with ease. Test results are generated instantaneously.

To fully appreciate the potential value of ARCH Profile we recommend you take a test drive. Seeing is believing! For a free demo, please click here.

If you are not offering personality assessments as part of your services yet, then this is your opportunity to add this essential tool to your service offering!

Working with another testing company? You can add our assessments to the ones you are distributing now - we don't require exclusivity! Your clients will appreciate the unmatched selection of job-fit assessments that PsychTests' offers, tailored to specific industries.

A win-win deal

Everybody wins - it's as simple as that!
  • Your clients get a powerful tool that offers them objective insight about their candidates, employees, and managers.
  • You will get a revenue generating tool, expand the depth of your services and increase your business' credibility in the eyes of your clients.

There are no quotas to meet, no hidden fees, no fine print, no training/certification fees. Even if you don't want to focus on reselling our tests in your business activities, you can add ARCH Profile to your arsenal of tools.

Who can become a reseller?

If you are in the field of HR, management or business consulting, or work for a staffing or head-hunting company, you can become a reseller.

How can a reseller benefit from PsychTests?

As a Reseller, you will:
  • Have access to the complete battery of our professionally developed assessments
  • Have the ability to customize your portal to incorporate your logo and specific color schemes to simulate the look and feel of your website
  • Gain a commission on every test taken
  • Be able to invoice your clients for the assessment services as part of your regular billing schedule or have PsychTests take care of the billing to cut administrative costs
  • Benefit from a state-of-the-art delivery system (ARCH Profile), where you can:
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  • set up and administer testing accounts for individual users or client companies
  • assign tests and notify or remind users about pending tests
  • view the status of the assessments assigned
  • view assessment reports immediately after completion
  • search and sort test-takers based on a variety of criteria
  • allow client companies to do their own administration, or include the administration as part of your service package

Essentially, you will get your own online testing center with a wide variety of ready-to-use assessments, ranging from job fit tests to leadership development tools.

What does PsychTests offer that other online testing companies don't?

All of PsychTests' assessments are professionally developed and have been well known on the market since 1996. Resellers and other professionals who use PsychTests receive the following benefits:

  • Low initial costs, competitive pricing
  • No maintenance or annual fees
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  • No quotas
  • Additional value to your services and a new revenue-generating channel
  • The best test administration system in the business, so that you can quickly and easily manage your assessment portal
  • Responsive technical support

  • Contact us to learn more and to start using our services.
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